JUST ANNOUNCED: Spend An Afternoon With Nick

Mon, Aug 1, 2022 at 7:00 PM by User
JUST ANNOUNCED: Spend An Afternoon With Nick
In his first official solo event of 2022, Nick is inviting fans in Portland, OR to spend the afternoon with him at Bunk Sandwiches before the Backstreet Boys' DNA show on August 22nd!

He will also be doing an event in Spokane, WA on August 21st. The location is to be determined!

All tickets purchased for the 'Afternoon With Nick' event will include:

- Meet and Greet

- An Acoustic Performance

- Buffet Lunch

- The Best Time, of course! 

Tickets for both events will go on sale on Wednesday, August 3rd at 10am PST / 12pm CST / 1pm EST on the Events page. 

Stay tuned for more! 

  1. On Aug 23, 2022, Lulu said:

    You could do this here in São Paulo- Brazil. I still dream about to meet you one day! The first time BSB was here, my father took my ticket and i lost the show...make my Day one Day ????

  2. On Aug 15, 2022, Tweety said:

    I wish I could go its on my bday the 22

  3. On Aug 15, 2022, DonnaMarieee said:

    Hi Nick. I just saw you in Mansfield , Mass on July 20 th. I hadn’t seen you guys in like 20 years. Me my cousin and sister used to see you guys in concert all the time!!! We love you guys so much. You should come to the best coffee shop in Westerly, Rhode Island. It’s Called Junk and Java. It’s a home town coffee shop and it’s the coolest coffee shop with the best specialty drinks around. It’s right down the street from our beaches the most popular spot in Rhode Island. It’s where Taylor Swift lives also. Her and her parents come to this coffee shop also. You guys should come play here. Please. I would love to see you guys here. It’s my favorite place I go everyday.

  4. On Aug 14, 2022, Cheetara said:

    Please do this in Oakdale or Modesto California!!!

  5. On Aug 14, 2022, Kaos93 said:

    Come to Phoenix and do this please !!!!

  6. On Aug 11, 2022, Lady Debbie said:

    Omg Nick Montréal would love this please

  7. On Aug 11, 2022, Jenna Massoni said:

    I would love to??

  8. On Aug 3, 2022, KSS said:

    I will just miss you in Spokane and Portland - I’ll be in Auburn, WA on the 12, though, and Nashville on Sept 8. Would be a dream come true to see you there!!

  9. On Aug 2, 2022, Vdesamsetty said:

    Cool ????. Wish we could meet you .

  10. On Aug 2, 2022, smiliesam22 said:

    August 22nd is my birthday and I’m flying in for the concert from Arizona! It’s been my dream to meet you since I was 10 years old when I held my first Backstreet Boys CD! ??

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