Nick Relaunches YouTube Channel

Sun, May 22, 2022 at 6:00 PM by User
Nick Relaunches YouTube Channel
Many fans who have been around since the 90s will fondly remember Nick's Corner, a series of videos that Nick Carter filmed and uploaded of behind the scenes moments from his Backstreet and solo ventures. 

Nick has since taken to going live on different platforms, including Instagram, Periscope, and TikTok, but he recently announced that these streams will now also include YouTube! Not only will he be going live on his channel at times, he is also looking forward to uploading videos from tour, affectionately calling them Nick Flix!

Make sure you're subscribed to his channel and have alerts turned on so you don't miss a minute of the action this Summer! 

  1. On Aug 23, 2022, DarlaAlice said:

    Your outer beauty pales only in comparison to the beauty of your voice and heart! Thank you for reminding us that there are still good men out there!

  2. On Aug 2, 2022, Ashley Parcells said:

    Nick you are amazing and your music has gotten me through so many hard situation in my life! Can’t wait to meet you on Saturday 8/6

  3. On Jun 17, 2022, Michael Hallstrom said:

    Your my sexy gay husband

  4. On Jun 14, 2022, Ellen_7 said:

    love that your doing this for all of us fans Nick...??xxx

  5. On Jun 6, 2022, Arissa90 said:

    Such a huge fan!!! I love you Nick Carter

  6. On May 30, 2022, NicksUltimateOzfan said:

    I want a membership!!!!
    Please help!!!

  7. On May 23, 2022, valentina ricci said:

    Amazing!!!!!! I can't wait!!!! Always the best Nicky never change, love you

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